Unlock Your Inner Innovator: How to Combine Creativity & Logic for Business Success
Cornell Chronicle1 week ago

Unlock Your Inner Innovator: How to Combine Creativity & Logic for Business Success



  • Professor Richard Cahoon from Cornell explains how to combine creative and analytical thinking to foster innovation.

  • The Post-it Note serves as a prime example of how failed inventions can lead to unexpected solutions.

  • Harnessing metacognition (thinking about your own thinking) is essential for inventiveness analysis.

  • Blending analytical and creative thinking is crucial for both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

  • The podcast explores the impact of AI on innovation and discusses common mental blocks that hinder creativity.

  • Discover resources from eCornell to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and innovate.

Unleashing Your Inner Innovator: Right Brain Meets Left Brain for Success

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives on innovation, a blend of creativity and analytical thinking. In a captivating episode of the Cornell Keynotes podcast, Professor Richard Cahoon, from the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, delves into how to harness both the right and left sides of our brains to bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

Think Beyond Failure:

Cahoon uses the iconic Post-it Note as a prime example of how what seems like a failure can spark a revolutionary invention. The chemist who invented the Post-it Note initially considered it a failed adhesive. However, by tapping into creative thinking, he realized its potential as a unique solution.

Mastering the Art of Inventiveness:

The podcast explores the critical role of creativity in fostering both innovation and its longevity. It emphasizes the importance of metacognition (thinking about your own thinking) and how to analyze inventions to discover hidden possibilities.

Blending Minds for Business:

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, Cahoon highlights the necessity of merging analytical and creative thinking to navigate the business landscape. He also underscores the impact of team dynamics and the significance of seeking support from angel investors and networking.

Facing the Future:

The episode also delves into the influence of AI on innovation, exploring common mental blocks that hinder creativity and offering insights on how to overcome them.

Start Your Innovation Journey:

Discover how to unlock your inventive potential through Cahoon's Invention and IP Management online certificate program and other resources offered by eCornell. Subscribe to the Cornell Keynotes podcast for more inspiring conversations from leading experts.