9 Aquaculture Startups Shake Up the Industry with Hatch Blue's Accelerator Program
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9 Aquaculture Startups Shake Up the Industry with Hatch Blue's Accelerator Program



  • Hatch Blue's Crest accelerator program features 9 innovative startups focused on various aspects of aquaculture, including farm hardware, nutrition, novel farming systems, animal health and regenerative aquaculture.

  • The program provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to expertise from leading industry professionals.

  • These startups are developing technologies to address challenges like sustainable feed production, efficient farming practices, and improved fish health and welfare.

  • Hatch Blue's accelerator program has a proven track record of success, with past participants attracting over $150 million in follow-on funding.

  • This initiative demonstrates the growing interest and investment in innovative solutions for sustainable aquaculture practices.

Hatch Blue's Crest Accelerator Program: Nurturing the Future of Aquaculture

Hatch Blue, a leading investor in aquaculture, has launched its revamped accelerator program, Crest, with a cohort of nine innovative startups tackling various challenges in the industry. The program, which kicked off with a week-long workshop at NELHA in Hawai’i, aims to support these companies in developing their technologies and achieving commercial success.

The nine startups in the Crest program are:

  • b.fab GmbH: Producing 82% protein from single-celled organisms as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal.
  • Aquasend: Providing real-time oxygen and temperature monitoring for large-scale aquaculture operations.
  • Aquit: Developing antimicrobial peptides to replace antibiotics in salmon farming, enhancing animal welfare and survival rates.
  • AI Control Technologies Inc: Automating depth control for autonomous oyster farming systems using AI.
  • TransparentSea: Pioneering a clearwater shrimp RAS with low production costs.
  • OoNee: Harvesting and ranching purple sea urchins in land-based operations while regenerating kelp forests.
  • MarineSitu: Utilizing AI for underwater monitoring of fish biomass and health assessments.
  • Cultimar Technologies: Developing commercial-scale red snapper hatcheries and technologies to combat off-flavor in RAS and live fish shipping.
  • KnipBio: Producing single-cell protein from bacteria to increase stress resilience in juvenile fish and shrimp.

The program's flexibility allows startups to participate in visits to aquaculture hubs in Norway, Singapore, and Vietnam over the next 18 months, providing valuable networking and learning opportunities.

Greg Barbour, executive director of NELHA, highlighted the impact of the Hatch Blue accelerator program, stating that past participants have attracted over $150 million in follow-on funding. This demonstrates the program's effectiveness in fostering innovation and attracting investment in the aquaculture sector.